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Life Size Animal Targets

Life Size Elk Target


Practice Your Shot Placement
Get Ready For Your Hunt
Be Prepared

Shooting a life size target at various distances will help prepare you for your actual hunt in the field. You will better understand your capabilities and limitations at various distances.

Features & Benefits:

Life Size Elk Target

Life Size Targets on up to 96" x 48" Durable Vinyl

Realistic high resolution targets. Weather resistant. Easy to store and transport in shipping container provided.

Life Size Elk Target

Grommets for Easy Mounting and Hanging.

Hang with suspended rope or hook on existing structures such as wood backstops at the range without damaging the target. Flexible to work at your location.

Elk Vitals

Faint Line of Vitals Region on Targets

Allows you to view kill zone when closely inspecting target after your shots. Vitals not visible when shooting long range through your scope. Provides a realistic target to practice prior to your hunt. Increases your chances of success!

Elk Target

1" round durable target repair stickers

Extends the use of the target for multiple shots. Color matched to conceal detection of prior shots. Waterproof and durable.

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Life Size Elk Target 

Life Size Moose Target 


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