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63 Color/Pattern Matched Target Repair Stickers

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63 color/pattern matched target repair stickers to cover bullet holes and extend use.  SHIPPED FREE  

1" round durable target repair stickers.

Extends the use of the target for multiple shots. Color matched to conceal detection of prior shots. Waterproof and durable.

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Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Brown Bear, Black Bear, White Tail Deer, Bison, Cape Buffalo, Boar, Coyote, Kudu, Mountain Goat, Pronghorn, Aoudad, Caribou, Axis

3 reviews for 63 Color/Pattern Matched Target Repair Stickers

  1. Kevin V

    The repair stickers do a great job of covering the shots. You can easily select a well matched sticker based on where your bullet strikes the target and conceal the shot. Have used over 70 times at an elk target and still looks like new!

  2. Michael B (verified owner)

    The target repair stickers are a must have with your life size animal targets! Not only are they durable but they blend in so well against the fur of the animal that you can’t even tell it’s there!!

  3. Casey A (verified owner)

    These stickers are the best! I’ve used 40 of them on my target so far and you can’t even see them since they match the fur of the animal perfectly! They stick well and are water resistant!

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