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Life Size Cape Buffalo Target

(6 customer reviews)


Life Size Cape Buffalo Target is printed on 96 x 48-inch durable vinyl to last shot after shot. 

Realistic High Resolution Targets. Weather resistant.

Life Size Cape Buffalo Target includes a fine line of vitals region printed on the target to easily access your shot capability. Allows you to view kill zone when closely inspecting target after your shots. Vitals not visible when shooting long range through your scope. Provides a realistic target to practice prior to your hunt. Increases your chances of success!

Grommets for Easy Mounting and Hanging. Hang with suspended rope or hook on existing structures without damaging the target. Versatile mounting options for any location.

FREE SHIPPING in a rectangular box for easy storage and transport.

Use our 2D Cape Buffalo Target for archery or gun!



  • 63 color/pattern matched target repair stickers to cover bullet holes and extend use (recommended).  SHIPPED FREE  


SEE OUR CAPE BUFFALO TARGET IN ACTION: Customer demo and review of the Life Size Cape Buffalo Target - John H and his sons are practicing on their target in preparation for their South Africa Cape Buffalo hunt.

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without target repair stickers, with color matched target repair stickers (recommended)

6 reviews for Life Size Cape Buffalo Target

  1. Michael A

    Very happy with my 2D Cape Buffalo target!! It looks incredibly realistic and the target repair stickers are wonderful. Will be buying another target soon.

  2. Kent T (verified owner)

    I purchased this 2d life size cape buffalo target to get ready for my Cape Buffalo hunt in South Africa. Not only does it look life a lifelike cape buffalo but it’s incredibly durable and the target repair stickers patch up the bullet and arrow holes very well. I will be ordering more targets from Life Size Animal Targets for my upcoming hunts!!!

  3. Ronald B (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase! The life size cape buffalo target looks like a true representation of a Cape buffalo. After practicing on this target with my rifle it gave me the assurance I was ready for my hunt this fall.

  4. James Gefroh (verified owner)

    I’ve hunted cape buffalo several times, and your full size target is as close to real thing as one can get. A true picture of how massive cape buffalo are. Perfect practice before the real thing. Great experience.

    • Life Size Animal Targets

      Thanks for the review and we appreciate your business James! Glad you like you life your life size cape buffalo target!

  5. Bob King

    Really enjoyed shooting arrows at it! It is life size and gave me a lot of confidence going into that hunt. It looks like you did away with the white outline of the vitals which was my only knock against it.

    • Life Size Animal Targets

      Thanks Bob! Glad you liked your target. We added a thinner and “grey” vitals outline so that you don’t see the vitals through your scope or the naked eye when shooting a bow at it.

  6. John H (verified owner)

    My 3 boys and I used this target to prepare for our South Africa cape buffalo hunt. The practice we did using this target helped tremendously! We ended up getting 4 trophy cape buffalo on our trip!!!

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