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Life Size Elk Target

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Life Size Elk Target  is printed on 86 x 48-inch durable vinyl to last shot after shot.

Realistic High Resolution Targets. Weather resistant.

Life Size Elk Target includes a fine line of vitals region printed on the target to easily access your shot capability. Allows you to view kill zone when closely inspecting target after your shots. Vitals not visible when shooting long range through your scope. Provides a realistic target to practice prior to your hunt. Increases your chances of success!

Grommets for Easy Mounting and Hanging. Hang with suspended rope or hook on existing structures without damaging the target. Versatile mounting options for any location.

FREE SHIPPING in a rectangular box for easy storage and transport.



  • 63 color/pattern matched target repair stickers to cover bullet holes and extend use. (recommended) SHIPPED FREE  


Watch our Life Size Elk Target in Action:

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No Target Repair Stickers, With Target Repair Stickers (recommended)

18 reviews for Life Size Elk Target

  1. Kevin V. (verified owner)

    Practicing with these targets kind of gets you excited for the upcoming elk season. I use other targets throughout the year, but before elk season I use these at varying distances and actually aiming at elk vitals gets you a little hyped knowing you can make a successful shot!

  2. Jeff L (verified owner)

    SUPER durable target. Easy to setup and very realistic! I have taken it out to the range a couple times and I always get compliments on it. The target stickers are a major plus so you can cover up your holes.

  3. Tim H (verified owner)

    Love this Elk target!!! It’s so life-like and I love how you can look at the vitals and see how I did after shooting. I’m confident I can make 400+ yard shots on my Elk trip this Fall now!

  4. Pete M (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about this target! I’m excited to take it back out to the range for the fourth time. Quality material made in the USA!

  5. Gary L

    This elk target is the real deal! I hunt Elk and it looks like the real thing. Perfectly sized and will last forever.

  6. Ross B (verified owner)

    Bought my son and I a life size bull elk target in preparation for the Montana elk hunt next year. It’s awesome!! Like they say practice makes perfect!! Get him comfortable shooting out to 300 yards and better ! What better way than to use a life size bull elk target 🙂!

  7. Dave B.

    This target is high quality and durable. Provides a life size target to practice on to create a realistic shot. Really like the color matched repair patches to cover the shots and extend the life of the target!

  8. Henry A (verified owner)

    Love this full size elk target! You can shoot it again and again and it holds up great. The vitals are super accurate. This target helped me practice my 500 yard shots. I am now ready for my trophy elk hunt!!

  9. Glenn T (verified owner)

    Love my 2D Elk Target! Easily the best archery target I have purchased. Already planning on buying another soon.

  10. Frank D (verified owner)

    Was searching for an elk target that was true to size and realistic. This target is exactly that. Very happy buyer!

  11. Jeffrey Y (verified owner)

    You can’t find a better elk target. It prepares you for your hunt and is a blast to shoot! I use my elk target for archery and my son uses is to practice with his rifle. It’s held up well and we’ve put at least 1000 shots into it combined. Happy camper!

  12. Frank P (verified owner)

    This is the ideal 2d elk target for practicing before your next hunt. Was very happy with the durability of the target and loved the repair stickers!!

  13. Dominic A (verified owner)

    Was searching all over online for an elk target I could practice at with a gun and i’m so glad I found this! It’s very easy to setup at the range because of the hanging grommets. Easy to transport too.

  14. Stewart N (verified owner)

    You will not find a nicer 2D elk target anywhere! My target is incredibly “life like” and more importantly it is built to last. Have taken it out to the local range 5 or 6 times with no issues at all.

  15. Kenneth S (verified owner)

    Saw this life size elk target online and I’m very glad I ordered it! It has made me a better shooter and I have learned how to make the perfect shot on an elk with my gun. Will be ordering another target from them soon.

  16. Donny P (verified owner)

    I needed an elk target to practice on before my New Mexico trip and this target really fit the bill! It’s about as realistic as you can get and the vitals are spot-on to a real elk.

  17. TJ (verified owner)

    Awesome product!

    Three of us used it in preparation for an elk hunt for about a month.

    We set it up between two post with no backing outside for the entire month and even with some high wind days and nights it stayed up and never ripped! It is of such a high quality we can use this same target next year as well!

    Picture is high quality as well and that allows us the aim confidently past 300 yards.

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      Thanks TJ! I am glad you enjoy your elk target and that it provides you with a realistic practice scenario! Thank you for your business.

  18. Bryan D (verified owner)

    Ordered this life size elk target and it arrived quickly at my doorstep. I took it out to the range and practiced on it with my compound at 60 yards. I’m very comfortable at long range now and ready for my elk hunt this year!!

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