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Life Size Whitetail Deer Target

(9 customer reviews)


Our Life Size Whitetail Deer Target is printed on 65 x 48-inch durable vinyl to last shot after shot.

Realistic High Resolution Targets. Weather resistant.

The Life Size Whitetail Deer Target includes a fine line of vitals region printed on the target to easily assess your shot capability. Allows you to view kill zone when closely inspecting target after your shots. Vitals not visible when shooting long range through your scope. Provides a realistic full size target to practice prior to your hunt. Increases your chances of success!

Grommets for Easy Mounting and Hanging. Hang your Full Size Whitetail Deer Target with suspended rope or hook on existing structures without damaging the target. Versatile mounting options for any location.

FREE SHIPPING in a rectangular box for easy storage and transport.


  • 63 color/pattern matched target repair stickers to cover bullet holes and extend use (recommended) SHIPPED FREE


Watch our Life Size Whitetail Deer Target in Action:

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without target repair stickers, with color matched target repair stickers (recommended)

9 reviews for Life Size Whitetail Deer Target

  1. Lonnie G (verified owner)

    My wife got me this life size whitetail target as an early Christmas present so that I could practice my long range shots for muzzleloader season. This full size whitetail deer target is truly awesome! Now I finally feel comfortable taking a 250+ yard shot at a buck!

  2. Alex F (verified owner)

    I’m super happy with my life size whitetail target!!! It looks great, holds up well, and is making me a better marksman for sure. Will be ordering another target in the near future.

  3. Jonathan R (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough good things about my life size whitetail target!! When you look at it through your scope it looks like the real deal. The grommets for hanging make the target super easy to hang on a backstop or to posts using string/rope. Fast shipping was a major plus!!

  4. Daniel T (verified owner)

    This life size deer target is the “real deal”. Lasts a long time. Have put at least 75 rounds through it and it looks brand new still. The free 2 day shipping is hard to beat!

  5. Earl T (verified owner)

    Just got my Life Size Whitetail Target and took it to the range. I am thrilled with this product! Was easy to hang and take down using the grommets. The repair stickers are great too!

  6. William B (verified owner)

    My life size whitetail deer target is a blast at the range and I’m getting more comfortable with my long shots. I also used this target as a 2d archery target and it performed amazing!

  7. Michael M (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I bought one of these 2d whitetail deer targets! Every time I practice on it I get more confident with my bow on longer shots.

  8. Duke S (verified owner)

    It’s like you are standing in front of a real whitetail! Hands down my favorite whitetail target on the market!!

  9. Roger K (verified owner)

    Have taken my life size whitetail target out to my local range 3 times now and it gives me the confidence I need to place a lethal shot on a deer. Love the target and will be ordering more!

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